Kick Turn

Sierra Club Qualifying (Fourth Class) Ski Test

Designed by Dr. Walter Mosauer, 1932
Current revision adopted by the Ski Mountaineers Central Committee, 1998

Purpose: To determine the candidate's competence to engage in easy cross-country ski trips. Good form is desirable but will not be insisted upon.

Demonstrations required:

  1. Good form and effective propulsion on the flat with proper use of the poles.
  2. Kick turns to the right and left on the level.
  3. Side-step up a steep slope.
  4. Herringbone 50 feet up a 20-degree slope.
  5. Traverse up a slope of 100 feet, using a kick turn between traverses.
  6. Gliding wedge 50 feet on a 15-degree slope to a standstill at a designated point from a direct descent.
  7. Four connected wedge turns on hard snow.
  8. Straight running in a downhill position for not less than 100 yards on a 10-degree slope, either direct descent or diagonal, under complete control (time not to exceed 20 seconds for the course).
  9. Side-slipping for 20 feet to the right and left over a hard-packed surface, on a 15- to 20- degree slope. Controlled side-slipping to be either down the fall line or diagonal on both sides.
  10. Four linked wedge christie or wedge telemark turns on a 10- to 15- degree slope, each through at least 120 degrees, executed slowly under complete control, and separated by long traverses with skis parallel, either parallel traverses with upper ski leading or telemark traverses.
  11. Ascent and descent of approximately 500 feet of vertical elevation, with a pack as described below, to test reasonable climbing and downhill running ability. Proper right and left kick-turns must be demonstrated during the climb. Climbing aids are permitted. Proper use of the ski poles expected during the test. Time limits, depending on snow conditions, will be fixed by the judges.
Alternative: A cross-country tour of three to four miles in length, during which the candidate must demonstrate to the accompanying judge his ability to cope with ordinary obstacles, to use poles properly, to climb, to do kick-turns, and to run downhill for considerable distance. The number of falls must not be so great as to tire the candidate nor to slow up the tour. Climbing aids are permitted. The candidate must carry a pack of at least 10 pounds containing the requirements for an easy day's tour.
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