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How to Join the Ski Mountaineers

To join the Ski Mountaineers, you must be a Sierra Club member, subscribe to the section's newsletter, The MugelNoos, be a Fourth-Class skier, have participated in an SMS ski tour, be sponsored by a member, and be voted in by the Central Committee.

Six Easy Steps!
  1. Join the Sierra Club - Go to the Club membership page to sign up.

  2. Subscribe to The MugelNoos - Send check for $15 annual subscription, payable to The Mugelnoos, to the Mugelmailer.

  3. Fill Out an on-line Membership Application Form and e-mail it to the SMS Secretary.

  4. Get a Leader to Certify Skiing Ability - Ski with the section, and get a leader to sign your application.

  5. Get a Member to Sign as Sponsor - Usually the same leader that signed above.

  6. Send application to SMS Secretary - Where? Click Here...

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