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Updated May 7, 2004

The First SMS List of "Peaks, Passes, Canyons, and Tours"

The SMS has established a new "List" of activities. In parallel, we have developed an SMS trip "Archive". Both are available in electronic form on two compact dics (CDs). A set of 50 CDs were mailed out with the February issue of the Mugelnoos. Here is what do with them:

To read the CDs you need "Word" and "PowerPoint" software, available on most PCs or Macs. Each CD starts with a Directory "Intro&SMSList" which explains the idea of the new "SMS List", gives a background to it and shows the latest version which the "List Committee" agreed upon.

SMS Archives

The major part of the CDs is filled with the "SMS Trip Archives". These are collections of trip reports, maps, and picture files of SMS trips from about the last decade. The Archives serve for trip planning, description of List activities and memories of past trips. An "Excel" file on the CDs summarizes the contents. A shortened version can be found on this web site by clicking on SMS Trip Archives, Participants and List Status.

The trips are organized by 5 categories: Peaks, Passes and Couloirs, Tours and Traverses, Local Trips and Training Trips and Summer trips. Each main folder contains many detailed folders named after the destination. Double-click those and you find in each a "Word" file with trip write-ups and a "Powerpoint" file with a scanned map, route description and many color pictures and recently also VGA movie files. The pictures are of screen quality (about 1 MByte) and should look much sharper than web pictures. There are about 2500 pictures and over 100 trips on these DVDs and it is likely that you are somewhere in the pictures. Every month new trips are added. Every trip leader and participant is encouraged/obliged to contribute to the "Archives".

If you did not get the CDs, you can purchase an updated version of the SMS Archives (now 2 DVDs) for $15 (payable to SMS) from Reiner Stenzel. Below is a copy of the SMS List:

The SMS List

30 Peaks
Southern CABaldy, San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio
Western SierraSkier's Alta, Silliman
Eastern SierraMt Gould, Perkins, Tinemaha, Mary Austin, Birch, Cloudripper, Ski Mtrs Pk, Basin, San Joaquin, Ritter, Wood, Dana, Gibbs, False White, Conness, Dunderberg, Excelsior, Leavitt, Matterhorn, Rose, Tallac
Northern CA and elsewhereWhite Mtn, Boundary, Lassen, and Shasta

10 Passes Kaiser, Cottonwood, Kearsarge, University, Bishop, Lamarck, Whitney Trailcrest, Blue Couloir, Duck, Sonora.

10 Canyons Sardine Cyn, Armstrong Cyn, Elderberry Cyn, Basin Couloir, Dade's Hourglass, Dana, Wahoo, Bloody, Matterhorn, Zen on Baldy.

5 Tours Trans-Sierras such as High Route, Cirque Crest, King’s Route (Onion Valley-Mineral K.), Sierra Crest Routes such as Onion Valley to South Lke, Rock Creek to Mammoth, or other 4 to 7 day backcountry tours to, e.g., the Clark Range, Goddard, Kaweahs, White Mtn Range, etc.


The "List" will be tried out for a number of years, say 3 years. Each year trips can be added and subtracted keeping the total fixed. Any trip once listed and done will count toward an emblem even if subsequently deleted. Leading new exploratory trips is encouraged and credited to keep the "List" fresh. In order to obtain credit for List accomplishments (see below) an SMS member should send a file with trip destinations, dates, and brief description (such as private or listed trip, summit climbed or skied, etc) to the SMS Secretary (R. Lamm in 2002/3). The results will be recorded and published in the Mugelnoos and membership roster. It is of course understood that the trips be performed on snow, not hiked in the summer. There are no restrictions on the type of equipment (telemark, randonnee, snowboards are all OK, although no snowshoes or hiking).

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