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History of the Ski Mountaineers

The Ski Mountaineers Section has had a long history since its founding in 1934. We are accumulating historical resources, see below. Background photo: Bowl north of Lake Catherine, Memorial Day, 1978. Photo by Gerry Holleman.

Videos The SMS has a video showing founder Walter Mosauer teaching skiing in the 1930s, as well as later skiing in the 1960s. See the announcement by Mark Goebel. Other videos are being edited.
A 66 Year Tradition Recent (2001) historical summary by Mark Goebel.
Ski Heil: Early Sierra Club Skiing This delightful article by Joel Hildebrand appeared in the Sierra Club Bulletin in February, 1935, and describes the founding of the Winter Sports Committee and the ski tests, the building of Clair Tappaan Lodge, and provides some touring advice.
Ski Mountaineering Years A summary of the section's founding and early days by co-founder Louis Turner appeared in the Mugelnoos in January 1939. Scanned from a mimeographed original.
Encyclimpedia Brintonica Another account of the section's beginnings by Bob Brinton appeared in the Mugelnoos in Oct-Nov 1945. Scanned from a mimeographed original (with cartoons).
Women on the Rocks The late Ruth Dyar Mendenhall contributed a personal account about the early days when climbers and skiers shared a house in Los Angeles.
Sixty years of skiing New Bud Halley's memories of "SIXTY YEARS OF SKIING IN SO. CALIFORNIA". Scanned from earlier Mugelnoos articles.
The way it was New Ethel Van Degrift's memories of early SMS activities. Scanned from an earlier Mugelnoos article.
SMS Memoirs from the Last Millennium New Walt Davie's memories of SMS activities and people in the 1950. Scanned from an earlier Mugelnoos article.
The Mugelnoos See the article about the early days of the newsheet by the late Ruth Dyar Mendenhall.
Official History Read the writeup from the 1960 Club Handbook.
Sierra Club Ski Tests In 1932, the Sierra CLub adopted some ski tests for different levels of skiing. These are still part of SMS training and certfication, with modern interpretations.
San Antonio Ski Hut's 70th Anniversary Celebration Mark Goebel's account of the 70'th Anniversary Celebration for Baldy Hut, which took place in August 2007.
Selected pictures from the good old timesNew Selected pictures from the good old times.

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